Get ready for a magical December with Nickelodeon as your favourite family entertainment Tv channel immerses you in a season filled with laughter, joy, heartwarming moments, and snow-filled adventures. 

Rock Island Mysteries 

Nothing beats an intriguing mystery that brings you to the edge of your seat. Join Taylor and her friends on the adventure of a lifetime as they solve the mystery behind her uncle’s disappearance on Rock Island!  

Catch the new season of Rock Island Mysteries every Monday to Friday from 4 December to 29 December at 17:30 WAT, showing only on Nickelodeon Channel 305 on DStv and Channel 62 on GOtv. 

Best of 2023! 

Hold up! Did you think you’d end the year without watching the shows that took your breath away?! Watch out from Monday, 18 December, to Sunday, 31 December, as the full ninja vibes of the Danger Force, the antics of the monsters at Monster High, the exciting undersea world of Spongebob and, of course, That Girl Lay Lay’s magical world! 

Join the fun on Nickelodeon Channel 305 on DStv and Channel 62 on GOtv. 

Kids’ Choice Awards Abu Dhabi 

Your favourite award show is here again! As usual, with your all-time favourite Nick-stars! Get ready for a riveting time with the glitz, glam and, of course, the slime. This year promises star appearances you couldn’t have imagined.  

Taking place in one of the most beautiful cities— Abu Dhabi, the show premieres on Saturday, 16 December, at 16:00 WAT. It will surely be an exciting ride, and you’ll be getting a chance to relive the experience the very next day, Sunday, between 10:00 WAT and 14:00 WAT. Of course, it can only happen on Nickelodeon Channel 305 on DStv and Channel 62 on GOtv. 


Best of 2023 

Of course, cartoon fans will not be left out when replaying their favourite moments throughout the year. From Monday, 18 December, to Sunday, 31 December, every episode that premiered on the greatest shows of all time, including Monster High, The Twisted Timeline of Sammy and Raj, SpongeBob and The Casagrandes! 

Alvin and The Chipmunks 

Alvin can’t get in enough trouble, and everyone is simply tired! Join this fun extraordinaire family as Dave, Simeon, Theodore, and the girls help Alvin escape his dangerous antics. 

New episodes premiere from Monday, 18 December to Friday, 29 December, on Nickelodeon Channel 308 on DStv and Channel 69 on GOtv. It’s bound to be a rollercoaster of laughs from 09:00 WAT every Monday to Friday! 

Nick Jr 

Dora the Explorer: Weekend Specials 

Join Dora on adventures like she’s never had before! Her world has become a classic fairytale filled with princesses, dragons, palaces, royalty, and dances.  

Experience Dora’s world and join her epic adventures from 2 December to 31 December every Saturday and Sunday at 08:15 WAT and 20:15 WAT on DStv Channel 307. 

Rubble and Crew 

What will Builder Cove do without Rubble and his pups? Who else would know how to use their incredibly complicated but awesome construction machines? 

Join Rubble on some paw-some adventures as new episodes premiere from 27 November to 8 December, Monday through Friday at 04:30 WAT, 06:25 WAT, 16:30 WAT, and 18:25 WAT. Nickelodeon Channel 307 on DStv will always be the channel. 

Paw Patrol 

Ryder and the Paw Patrol need all the help they can get to safeguard Adventure Bay Community. Tracker, Everest, Rex, Liberty, Mighty Twins Truck, Ella, and the Cat Pack are always ready to assist the team.  

From 27 November to 8 December, every Monday to Friday, catch new episodes of the team’s new challenges and how they overcome them! Dive into their world of emergency help and care at 04:00 WAT, 05:50 WAT, 11:45 WAT, 16:00 WAT, 18:05 WAT, and 23:45 WAT on DStv Channel 307. 

Baby Shark’s Big Show 

Carnivore Cove always seems to have adventures with Baby Shark and his best friend, William, who is always up and about doing one thing or the other!  

Baby Shark’s Sea is filled with exciting moments, mysteries and jaw-dropping tasks. Every weekday From 4 December to 15 December, get set to dive into new adventures with his friends and family at 00:30 WAT, 03:15 WAT, 08:50 WAT, 12:30 WAT, 15:15 WAT and 20:00 WAT. Catch the episodes on DStv Channel 307. 

Deer Squad 

Everyone always dreams about being a hero, but Kai, Lola, Rammy and Bobbi are living the dream as the protectors of their kind and the people of Platinum City!  

Planet powers are the rage as these teams of friends dive into new adventures in this animated cartoon series. Be sure to catch new episodes of Deer Squad, set to premiere from 4 December to 15 December, every Monday to Friday. You can catch the show at 02:30 WAT, 06:50 WAT, 14:30 WAT, and 18:50 WAT only on Channel 307 on DStv. 

Blue’s Clues & You 

Blue is back with a mountain of clues and needs help solving them! Don’t be surprised, but he specifically requested you to help this time! 

Here’s your special invitation to join him and his new clues from Monday, 11 December, to Friday, 22 December, at 01:45 WAT, 05:30 WAT, 13:45 WAT and 17:45 WAT on Nickjr. Channel 307 on DStv.  

Christmas Stunt & Premiere Episodes 

What would December be without an exceptional celebration of Christmas?  

Things are about to get exciting as you feel the beautiful spirit of Christmas on Nick Jr.! Christmas episodes and stunts of your favourite shows, including Blue’s Clues & You, Baby Shark’s Big Show, and Bossy Bear, to your screens!