The matchup is an exciting one, with two of Europe’s most successful clubs taking on each other in the UCL quarter final leg 2 of 2. Chelsea and Madrid have a long history of success, and fans will be hoping that their teams can continue that tradition on Tuesday, April 18th 2023. It promises to be an exciting game for any football fan!

Heineken will be hosting football fans at Owerri to a memorable viewing experience as part of its “Cheers to all fans” campaign tour. Owerri is known for its atmosphere of excitement and passion for the game of football. This is why it provides a safe and secure environment for fans to enjoy the match.

The unique viewing experience will see guests treated to a relaxed and entertaining ambience, exclusive access to the Heineken UCL Lounge, a variety of mouth-watering foods and refreshing bottles of Heineken. It promises to be a viewing experience like no other.

The event will take place at Chilis Bar, a location that many have described as cozy and serene. The location is also easily accessible making it seamless for fans who want to watch the match and have a good time to attend.

The Heineken UCL Owerri viewing experience will kick off by 6pm on Tuesday, April 18th 2023.