Dataleum, a data training and consulting firm, has released another research that examines skit makers in Nigeria. Over the past year, Dataleum has captured the attention of millions of viewers by analysing various sectors of the entertainment industry which includes the skit makers analysis, the most viewed music videos on Youtube etc. With the rise of social media, skit making has become increasingly popular in Nigeria, creating a platform for many aspiring comedians and bringing them to limelight. This report provides a detailed analysis of the top 5 female and male instagram skit makers in Nigeria, highlighting their unique styles, content themes, and performance metrics.

In Quarter 1, 2022 , the Top 10 Skit makers achieved a cumulative volume of 195 million views listing Broda Shaggi, Sabinus, Mr Macaroni, Brain Jotter, Kiekie, Taaooma, Lasisi and Cute Abiola as the best performing in the period of January to March 2022.

For the first quarter of 2023, Dataleum has performed another skit maker’s analysis and generated data-driven insights and reports that showcases the key players for this period.

For the female category, leading with 22.2 million views is Taaooma, following closely is KieKie with 21.4 million views, and coming up for the first time in the skit makers analysis is Bimbo Ademoye with 15.9 million views in 3rd place, another new entry is Phoebe with the least number of followers among the top 5 with 9.7 million views, and to wrap up on the female category is Ashmusy with 7.2 million views.

Emerging for the first time in the male category and leading with a whooping 43.7 million views is Mark Angel followed by Our Investor-Sabinus with 31.7 million views, BrodaShaggi with 30.3 million, also coming up for the first time is Agent of Laughter with 22.6 million views, and Layi Wasabi with 19.3 million views.

“People may take a break, but the numbers do not,” said Dataleum’s Research Team. “We’ve watched new talents burst into the industry, bringing fresh perspectives and new energy to the skit-making game.”