The SERAS Africa Sustainability Awards, announces its call for entry and participation for the 2023 edition and 17th cycle of the prestigious awards.

The SERAS is Africa’s first and foremost recognition of corporate social responsibility and Sustainability. The gold-standard award and the most important industry ceremony in Africa has over the years drawn participation from 31 countries on the continent.
The 2023 theme as announced by the local organizing committee is – ‘Circular Economy as the New Market Disruptor: SDGs Innovation as Key to Vision 2030’. This is an extension of the previous edition’s theme.

At the media conference unveiling the 2023 theme, the founder of the awards, Ken Egbas, also revealed the 25 awards categories ratified by the judges’ committee that would be competed for by organizations across Africa. The categories include- Circular Economy; Environmental Stewardship; Rural Population Integration; Poverty Reduction; Promotion of Good Health/ Well-Being; Partnership of the Year; Education Intervention of the Year; Reporting & Transparency; Best Work-Place Practice; Stakeholder Engagement; Not-for-Profit of the Year; Deborah Leipziger Africa Prize for Innovation (Product/Service). Others are – Gender Equality/Women Empowerment; Social Enterprise of the Year; Food Security, Water & Sanitation; Climate Action; Supply-Chain Management; Sustainability Reporting (Media: Electronic/Print/online); Sustainability Professional of the Year; and CEO of the Year. In line with the focal theme, other categories are – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion; Net Zero Transition; Technology for Development of the Year; Social Impact/ Human Capital Advancement; and Impact Investor of the Year.

Said the founder, “Last year, we began the introductory journey into circularity and we are continuing with it this year. Year after year, we focus on adding depth to the sustainability journeys of organisations from around the continent. We are indeed delighted at the extent of progress so far recorded. Last year, we broke new grounds with circularity. Now we wanted to help brands and organisations consolidate. What we have consistently done every year is to use this platform to set the agenda for the growth and development of sustainability in Africa, and systematically get organizations in Africa to buy into the vision of being responsible businesses and forces-for-good on the continent. We are excited by the keen interest from around Africa and key gatekeepers, supporters, and regulators from around the world who follow our processes.”

Entries for this year’s edition open on May 26th and closed on July 31st. Participating organizations are expected to register on