Media entrepreneur and author, Tosin Ajibade popularly known as Olorisupergal has launched a new Vlog titled ‘Healthy Living with Tosin’ on Monday, February 17, 2020 to celebrate her birthday.

‘Healthy Living with Tosin’ will cater to men and women who are in the process of changing their diet and do not know how to start. The Vlog promises to be exciting, engaging and educative and will see Tosin talk about her healthy  lifestyle, her opinion on certain diets while also encouraging and acting as accountability partner to subscribers wherever they are on their diet Journey.

The Vlog will also feature guests who will share their fitness journey and personal tips. 

Tosin ‘Olorisupergal Ajibade’ revealed via an  Instagram post on Monday February 17 2020, that the show will provide subscribers with access and easy to understand information that will make them conscious of their health. “I decided to start Healthy Living with Tosin, to share my journey with all of you. I believe that if people had more information, access and easy to understand information, especially as Nigerians, we will make better conscious choices with our health.”

She further encouraged the public to join her on this journey, “let’s build this community together, let’s have these conversations and most importantly, let’s change our lives.” Tosin stated.

In 2006, Tosin was diagnosed with Ovarian Cyst but that did not make her take her health seriously as she thought she could just ignore the symptoms despite the discomfort she was experiencing. She was later diagnosed with PCOS and Hormonal Imbalance; a diagnosis that changed her life forever and brought her to the realization of how much she needed to make drastic changes to her lifestyle if she wanted to live healthy.


After being diagnosed, Tosin suddenly felt the need to face her truth and take responsibility for her health. She met Oshuware Leon of Bon Delice at an event, who helped her through the process of a healthier lifestyle as she made some changes to her lifestyle. Tosin, who is not letting past struggles define her in any way, is determined to use them as a catalyst for change in the space she finds herself.

The first episode will be live on Youtube on Monday, February 24, 2020 and new episodes will drop every week subsequently.

Tosin and a guest on the first episode of Vlog

Topics to be explored would focus on healthy lifestyle, nutrition, diet, meals,  staying fit and more.