It’s the second half of the year 2020 and we all need a dose of goodness! Thankfully, it’s the weekend – we can relax and take stock of what a year this has been.

And while you chill and get powered up for another week, you could find a way to do some good that will change millions of lives in a very short time.

With a single text message or a click of your laptop or even a scroll on your phone, you could transform your community by giving them access to a solar-powered borehole system or an ICT laboratory for your school. Despite all the hustle and bustle of the city, many of us are from a small town or village somewhere in Nigeria. And if our communities are lucky, they have all the possible amenities – water, power, food, etc. But not all communities are that privileged.

So, MTN Nigeria has commenced the call-for-nominations phase for the fourth edition of its What Can We Do Together initiative. It’s a CSR initiative by MTN Foundation targeted at providing amenities for communities across Nigeria. And the beautiful thing about this initiative is that Nigerians get to nominate the communities that will receive the projects!

There have been projects in 510 communities across 454 Local Government Areas. And there’s still even more that can be done!

Excited students during the What Can We Do Together WCWDT initiative in 2019 MTN

So, how does this work? 

Nigerians can nominate their communities to receive interventions such as boreholes, ICT labs for schools, etc. You simply nominate your community by sending MTN to 321 and follow the prompts or via an online application here. Then you select either the ICT lab or borehole for your community! Finito!

Ahmed Bala [real name withheld] was excited about how things turned out for his community in 2019.

The Mass communication student of the University of Lagos shared his first step to a good deed,  “I was in class when my best friend sent me a link to a story. The first thing I thought about was New Nyanya. I grew up there and I appreciated every moment. We don’t have much, but it’s filled with good people who put the community first. The town school that I attended for my primary education is in a really terrible condition and we have never had an ICT lab. I saw it in the story, and I wanted us to have that. I sent in my text and prayed.”

“I was happy! The community had to go through the verification process for MTN to verify that the community was in fact interested and would cooperate with the renovation process. Then I received a call that I was one of the ones selected! I called my grandmother immediately; she didn’t even know what a lab meant but she was happy! [laughs]” Bala explained excitedly