World Quality Alliance, a global quality organization has made product and service innovation a theme for this year International Standards leadership Summit, Exhibition and Award.

The 2019 international standards leadership summit holds April 2 2019 ion Lagos.

International Standard Leadership Summit is a multidisciplinary event that brings stakeholders together to discuss the contribution of International Standards of trade and commerce. International standards ensures that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality.

According to Mr. Desmond Esorougwe, Country Director, World Quality Alliance the 2019 summit will focus on product innovation because with innovation no organisation can progress.

“As part of the event, an International Standard Leadership Exhibition will also hold on the same day. The exhibition is a professional trade show that focuses on standard products and services in all organization,” he said.

Mr. Esorougwe said that the 2019 International Standard Exhibition will give top visibility to sweeping trending innovations and excellent networking opportunity for decision makers, innovation managers, and standard solution providers.

The Award recognizes the distinguished leadership in promoting the role of standardization in eradicating the global barrier to trade. The event will honor companies, individual and government institution.

The World Quality Alliance Standard panel has made commitment to create more awareness on the importance of International Standard application in the world.