Let’s play a mind game!


It is said that “the surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.”


“Dreams don’t come through unless you take action”. What if you have a dream, want to take action, but you are without an opportunity? My dear, it’s back to square one!


Young, Divine Auta Suchet has always dreamt of visiting  Lagos. He was the shy boy who was born and raised in Zaria, and currently a student of Vital Years Secondary School, Zaria, who has a passion for theatre. So how would the shy boy fair on the stage with tens or hundreds of eyeballs staring at him? What would stand him out from the 7 billion people on the earth? Against all odds, Divine holds on to his dream, kept on believing and waited for the right opportunity.


On the 15th of May, 2019, the opportunity finally came knocking when Divine was selected to be amongst the cast that would represent Vital Years Secondary School in the inaugural MTN Foundation Theatre for Schools regional competition in Zaria. It was a case of preparation meeting opportunity as Divine was selected as the lead male thespian for his school. His exploits in the play; “Naira Has No Gender” by Olu Obafemi,  led his school to the regional championship gold medal.


With the regional championship ‘in the bag’, Divine led his team to the National Championship which took place on the 11th of June, 2019 at the Agip Hall, MUSON Center, Lagos. Competing against talents from the regional championships in Port Harcourt and Ibadan, Divine led his team from Zaria to national victory, as well as personal laurel as the best male thespian at the grand finale.


Divine’s passion and hard work stood him out. He poured his soul into the role of the gluttonous, woman- loving uncle in Seffi Attah’s play; ‘The Naming Ceremony’. So compelling was his interpretation of the role that he got the audience doubting if he had never been an actor all his life.  He effortlessly won the heart of all in the crowd including the Executive Secretary, MTN Foundation; Nonny Ugboma, the notable judges; Bimbo Manuel, Tina Mba, Dr Patrick- Jude Oteh, Afeez Oyetoro (Saka) and Lala Akindoju. Overall, his team’s performance got the audience applauding every scene.


In his acceptance speech, Divine dedicated his award to the HOD of Theatre and Performing Arts, Dr Liman, his coaches and his team for making his dream come true, as their teamwork made them win the overall MTN Theatre For Schools grand finale and the prize money of One million Naira. He also admitted to admiring members of the MTN team present at the grand finale of the competition, “they are all fine people” he said. His parting words were addressed to his fellow ‘Josephs’ is; “believe in your dreams, and work towards actualising them so that when the right opportunity comes, you can be like me.”


Divine is just a boy who used the right formula of dreams + actions + opportunity, be like Divine.