Myto Limited, a logistics firm, has launched an e-hailing app, DeliveryLinkNG.

During the launch in Lagos recently, the Team Lead at DeliveryLinkNG, Dele Oriyomi said the app marked a significant leap in connecting individuals and businesses with a myriad of transportation and logistics options, including bicycles, bikes, cars, vans, trucks, and more.

He noted in a statement that the app’s creation stemmed from the imperative to introduce structure and efficiency into Nigeria’s currently unorganised and predominantly manual, small-scale delivery process.

Oriyomi stated, “DeliveryLinkNG is addressing key pain points within the delivery space, providing tailored solutions to stakeholders, and placing customer satisfaction at the forefront of our operations. We are committed to bringing real value to the delivery industry.”

According to the firm, ADeliveryLinkNG enables service providers and customers to negotiate and agree on prices directly, without imposing commissions or sharing from the sales of delivery service providers registered on the app.

“The app introduces a systematic approach to dispatch and delivery services, offering a comprehensive dashboard for customers and service providers to manage orders, vehicles, drivers, and customers seamlessly,” it added.

The Business and Brand Manager of Myto, Sayo Olonilua, explained that DeliveryLinkNG would focus on the courier, express, and parcel segment of the logistics industry, specialising in moving small goods, parcels, and packages.

Olonilua emphasised the company’s unwavering commitment to customers, asserting, “Customers are our top priority. We aim to create value for all stakeholders by delivering exceptional service every step of the way.”