Interswitch, a payment and commerce firm has moved towards promoting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subjects (STEM) in schools and among Nigerian youth with the launch of SPAK national science competition.

SPAK; an acronym for Speed, Precision, Accuracy and Knowledge, revolves around key value areas necessary for a progressive future in today’s knowledge based society. STEM – which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – education has suffered massive decline in Nigeria, leaving our youths poorly equipped for the future tasks necessary for self fulfilment and nation building.

With the goal of encouraging theoretical learning of STEM subjects, rewarding excellence and providing opportunities for developing innovative solutions for societal problems, the competition is open to students in year 11 and all schools nationwide are encouraged to register their best students in STEM subjects.

Speaking at the launch event, Chief Marketing Officer, Interswitch, Cherry Eromosele said, “SPAK as we have termed it, is a distinctive concept under the Interswitch “Switch A Future” initiative. As a mix of education, technology and entertainment which align with Interswitch’s fundamental values of excellence and innovation, this initiative is designed to identify, promote and spark the right support and reward for STEM students and stakeholders.

Registrar, NECO. Prof Charles Uwakwe with Chief Marketing Officer, Interswitch, Cherry Eromosele and the media unveil of Interswitch SPAK Initiative

“For our youth to succeed in today’s knowledge based economy; they need to acquire the right skill set, their minds need to be re-engineered and reconciled with STEM education in order to compete in or create a job market.”

It was revealed that the top 2 students will be awarded a 5-year scholarship, a mac laptop and gold trophy; and a 3-year scholarship, a laptop and a silver trophy accordingly while the third will receive a 2 year scholarship, a laptop, and a bronze trophy. In addition to these, all 3 winners are guaranteed immediate employment at Interswitch upon graduation.

“We are committed to building a brighter future for the Nigerian child, and we are firm believers in the Nigerian dream. It is up to us to push this country to the forefront of science, technology, engineering and mathematical development and invention.” Cherry added.

According to a recent WEF research, by 2030, more than half of the jobs in the world will be STEM based. Thinking ahead, Interswitch is thus making a conscious attempt to promote education and technology in Nigeria and to equip the younger generation for the future.