Toilet infections in Nigeria caused by germs will soon be a thing of the past as TGI Distri Limited, a leading manufacturer of quality home care products in Nigeria, has launched into the market Kleansol Toilet Cleaner which contains power active ingredients with 99.9% efficacy in killing all forms of bacteria in and around the toilet area. 

Speaking during the launch of the product in Lagos, Mr. Govind Agarwal, Marketing Manager, TGI Distri said the launch of Kleansol Toilet Cleaner is a product of research and development based on consumer insights on how to make the toilet, the most visited place in the home safe from disease causing germs while also providing a clean, sparkling environment for households and other users in public places. .

According to Mr. Agarwal, in addition to killing germs with 99.9% efficacy, Kleansol Toilet Cleaner provides 360° rim-deep cleaning and removes stubborn stains and lime scales in 10 minutes leaving the toilet with fresh fragrances and a squeaky-free shine.

Justifying the need for homes to take advantage of Kleansol Toilet Cleaner to ensure a great restroom experience, Agarwal said the Covid-19 pandemic has taught the world the importance cleanliness of the body and environment, noting that Kleansol will help families and organisations manage the toilet to avoid contracting diseases and ensure a clean toilet with good fragrance.

According to the TGI Distri Marketing Manager, consumers who are using detergents and scouring powder to wash their toilets are putting their family members at risk of contracting diseases as the germ causing diseases are not killed by these products even when the toilet might look clean. “Our product is the best in the market and consumers will be delighted using it”, Agarwal said, directing consumers to supermarkets, open markets and other retail outlets across Nigeria to purchase Kleansol Toilet Cleaner.

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