Foremost automotive manufacturer, Mikano Motors has introduced its latest hybrid exotic SUV luxury brand dubbed ‘Geely Azkarra’, Game Changer into Nigeria’s auto market. 

The Geely Azkarra is available in white, red, silver, ash-grey, black, and blue colors.

Produced under the stable of Geeky Nigeria, ‘The Game Changer’ is available in two variant models, ‘Geely Azkarra Pro Platinum’ and the ‘Geely Titanium’, and tastefully designed to enhance driving experience of Nigerian auto brand consumers.

Speaking during the product launch which happened at the Geely Nigeria flagship showroom located on Victoria Island, Lagos, the General Manager, Mikano Motors, Ralph Haidar stated that  “Geely is the new era of products coming with the technology of volvo and Mercedes Benz, adding that the company had  been in operation for more than a year, with more than 1500 units  if the brand already sold into the market.

“The satisfaction rate we have is really impressive, and our golden rule in the business is to put ourselves in the place of our customers and then we do it right, because once you put yourself in the shoes of your customers you will definitely do it right”

He pointed out that the company’s decision to launch into Nigeria’s market at this time was based on the believe that it is the right time to connect the brand with Nigerian consumers. 

“Our Nigerian customers deserve a decent product at a very affordable tag price. With climate, sustainability in our focus, we assure you that the fuel efficiency of the Geely Azkarra as well as its carbon emission are best in class.”

Powered by an innovative 48V Electric Motor Synergy mild hybrid system, the new Geely Azkarra features a 360 degrees camera view and 3D mode for enhanced driving safety; turbo charged EU6 GDI + mild hybrid(co-developed with Volvo); 6-way power adjustable driver’s seat; ambient lighting with 42 color combination to suit different moods; jet-throttle inspired electronic gear shift; two sporty functional exhaust pipes and rear air diffusers; auto-fold side mirrors with LED signal indicators; dial pad drive mode selector;  Valeo full LED headlights; rear LED lights with dynamic signals; Brown Italian Nappa leather seats; twilight full panoramic sunroof; and a wireless charging pad for Android and Apple.

At launch, the electric motor gives 225 Nm of torque at a speed of 1,000 rpm ensuring an instant restart of the engine. The 48V EMS battery which provides a maximum assistance of 10kw and 50Nm of torque is charged by the kinetic energy from braking.

Also speaking, Marketing Manager, Mikano Motors, Karina Okunola noted that “The Azkarra SUV is a luxury SUV, with no corners being cut in terms of its manufacturing. From the design to the actual technology, it runs on, it sets it completely apart from any competition, especially in Nigeria. The Azkarra is the first of its kind; it is best in class for technology, best in class for premium features, best in class for the quality of the materials used in its production. The Azkarra is what we like to refer to as a premium mild hybrid car; this means that the car runs on a partly electrical and partly conventional fueling system. When the Azkarra is in motion, it is noticeably smoother, the driving is smoother, the engine and transition is smoother. And for us, the new Azkarra is indeed a game changer.” 

After the unveiling, members of the press, esteemed Geely customers, and auto lovers were treated to an impressive test drive. The motorcade of beautifully decorated Azkarra SUVs in all their colors took off from the Showroom in VI and made its way to the Mikano International Karameh Industrial City on the outskirts of Lagos. The 52-minutes journey caught the attention of other commuters on the highway who were altogether impressed by the off-road capabilities of the sleek vehicles. 

The Geely Azkarra is available in white, red, silver, ash-grey, black, and blue colors.

With over 27 years of operation in Nigeria, Mikano International Limited is truly recognized as a distinguished solution provider with an extensive portfolio of five distinct divisions namely: Power Generation, Steel Fabrication, Electrical Products and Solutions, Heavy Construction Equipment and Forklifts and Mikano Motors.